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Chris Böhm

BMX Freestyler

The German BMX Freestyler Chris Böhm enthusiastic viewers worldwide with high-­quality events, international fairs, and major TV productions for over 15 years with his BMX Flatland shows. Flatland is a subspecies of freestyle BMX, in which the acrobatics on BMX takes place on flat ground. (Casio Campaign with Eva Padberg, the show performance for Willi Bognee B-­‐Games, TV Spot & Show in Shanghai for Mercedes Benz or performances at the Plus X Award which: Among the important references of living in Germany BMX champion and show choreographer Chris Böhm include the greatest innovation competition in the world) Chris Böhm made his name with various TV appearances on German television. Social he serves as pediatric nurses in child & adolescent psychiatry Lörrach offers there to a therapeutic BMX training, which he presented at Star TV in 2008. He was a finalist at RTL Das Supertalent and was hailed as world record holder at Kai Pflaumes TV show "Comedy trap". In the years 2012 and 2013 Chris Böhm was nominated for "Rider of the Year". Among other things, Chris Böhm brand ambassador and testimonial for the brand: Casio G-­‐Shock, TiTAN, Kangaroos and Reell jeans.